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Empower your AI projects

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Transform your ideas into stunning videos with just a few words. Simply describe your vision, and our AI does the rest.

Text-to-Video Generation

Bring your images to life! Upload any picture and watch as it transforms into an engaging animated video, adding a dynamic touch to your visual content.

Image to Animated Video

Enjoy unparalleled video length with our service, offering up to 36 seconds of video generation—8x the current industry standard.

Extended Video Length

Delivers both high-quality videos and optimized GIFs, ensuring you have the perfect format for sharing across different platforms and with friends.

Dual Output

Stay updated with our robust query and callback webhook support. Receive real-time alerts and check the status of your requests promptly.

Real-Time Alerts

Easily integrate our API into any framework. We offer official support for Python, Node.js, JavaScript, and PHP and more.

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Full Stack Developer

We've centralized our AI-generated video management, and the results are stunning. The setup was seamless, and the cost savings have been a huge bonus. But what's really impressed us is how it's streamlined our workflow, allowing us to produce high-quality special effects faster than ever before. It's been a total game-changer for our production.


Senior Developer

Awesome job! our app gain huge customer traction based on AI Video API. All the customers are amazed at our apps. Very cool video AI generator API I used.


Hobbyist Developer

Thanks to AI Video API, I was able to streamline the entire process and get AI videos generation and running in no time.


Creative Director

Using tools here and more at our fingertips, our team can now swiftly create, review, and finalize videos in one seamless process. It's been a game-changer for our productivity.


Freelance Digital Artist

With a single API, I can manage all resources efficiently, delivering high-quality art to clients while keeping costs low


CEO & Founder

It's really exciting to see all the AI advance. Love this 36s video generated by AI Video API! We need to implement this feature to our app as well